Bronze is this crappy metal made by putting copper and tin next to each other in a smelter. Seriously, why would you even use this shit? Using tools made of actual shit would be more efficient. But whatever, it's in the game. I guess you could make a house out of it or something. Obviously they put the one guy that knows nothing at all in charge of the wiki.

Statistics or whatever Edit

Bronze tools are utter shit. Just look at these stats.

Harvest level: 1

Uses: 150 (Scimitar: 250)

Efficiency: 3.0

Damage: 1 (Sword: 5, Scimitar: 3)

Enchantability: 0

Look at that. I am ashamed to even be a part of something with those stats. I, the wiki page, want to kill myself. But guess what? Once levels are implemented, you fuckers are stuck with bronze and iron until level 5. Or not! I don't know yet. I'm just a wiki page with shitty formatting.

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