All the ores this magnificent minecraft modification has to offer.

What are ores, really? Do we truly mine ores, or do the ores mine us? Sources say no, that's stupid. But I say that mining for ore is a spiritual experience. The swing of the pick, the sweat on your back, and the satisfying pop as the ore is sucked into your inventory...truly magnificent. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Get me a tissue

What ? Edit

Do ores really need explaining? They're in the vanilla game

Okay, so ores Edit

Ores are, at this point, the bread and butter of the mod. The meat to everything else's barbecue sauce, if you will. Obviously, that will change, but for now? Better get mining. There are 10 different ores included in this marvelous Minecraft modification. You toss those suckers in a smelter, you get bars.

Coal Ore Edit



What's that, I hear you cry? "That's already in vanilla?" We're adding coal. It's used to add carbon to various ores and smelt them into bars.

Iron ore

Iron Ore

Iron Ore Edit

"That's in vanilla too,?" We're adding iron too. Place two side-by-side in a smelter to get an iron bar, or on the middle of two coal ore for steel.

Gold ore

Gold Ore

Gold Ore Edit

...No clever comments? Good. Gold ore, thankfully, is simpler to smelt. Just toss it in the smelter, and out comes a gold bar. However, the tradeoff is that gold bars do literally nothing, and are completely worthless. Kind of an interesting parallel to real life, right? It's held in such high esteem, and yet there are very few practical applications.

Makes you think about your priorities.

Copper ore

Copper Ore

Tin ore

Tin Ore

Copper and Tin ores Edit

Finally away from stuff already in the game, am I right? Sure, I could make separate sections for these two, but they are literally only used together. Place them side-by-side in a smelter to get a bronze bar.

Silver ore

Silver Ore

Silver Ore Edit

Oh yes, silver! Wait, no, this is pretty much exactly the same as gold. One ore makes one bar, which you can't use for anything.

Mithril ore

Mithril Ore

Mithril Ore Edit

That's no small jump! We go from silver, which is entirely useless at the moment, to mithril, which is like, made by dwarves! Or something... I didn't read Lord of the Rings. Surround it with four pieces of coal ore in a smelter to get one shiny, sparkling mithril bar.

Adamant ore

Adamant Ore

Adamant Ore Edit

What is adamant, I hear you ask? It's green ore that's better than mithril, that's what. Put it in a smelter with three pieces of coal ore on either side to get one super awesome adamant bar.

Rune ore

Runite Ore

Runite Ore Edit

Completely surround it with coal ore in a smelter to get one rune bar.

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