RSMC adds a new revolutionary gameplay feature: trees. That's right, trees. Every RSMC tree blocks dropped three logs, which can is use for the make of bows, construction, or can has be planked. When you like as to the planking, the resulting is four tree colors plank! Cutting has doing with hatchet.

Oak Edit

Oak trees are pretty common, and can be cut from the get-go. They look very similar to vanilla trees.

Willow Edit

Willow is slightly rarer than oak, but has a very distinctive look--hanging branches and green logs make them visible from a fair distance. Level 30 woodcutting is required to harvest it.

Maple Edit

Rarer than willow, but still fairly common, maple is strikingly in contrast with its surroundings; its maroon logs and orange leaves stand out against the green of the grass. Woodcutting 45 is required, so you better get your choppin' arm ready.

Yews Edit

Yew trees are where the trees start bordering on truly rare. With a unique quad-directional branching pattern and orangey logs, yews are easily visible from a distance. Unfortunately, they require 60 woodcutting to harvest.

Magic Edit

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